Federal waterways

With TRIGIS you receive all current cartography concerning federal waterways from one source. This includes particularly digital charts of federal waterways in scale 1:10000 (BWK10) and 1:2000 (DBWK2), digital asset chart (DAK 1:500) as well as controlled mosaics and orthophotos. We analyse and signalise the project site for you and plan a photo flight with analogue or digital aerial cameras. The aerial photograph gained this way will be charted analogue or digital and translated into CAD and GIS systems respectively. Information not found on the aerial photograph will be gained by our in-house surveyors within a field comparison, then terrestrially calibrated and likewise integrated into the database. The data will be provided digital and /or as a high resolution plot.

Your person of contact:

René Buth

Phone: +49 (0)341 / 9183 300